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Michael Lane Walker Designs - Sample Bracelet and Rings Collection 2014

Thank you for visiting us!  We design and create beautifully inspired products from unique examples of domestic and exotic wood species.  We hope our products appeal to your tastes and inspire you to start a collection for yourself, your friends, or your relatives.  Compliment your style and define your accessory collection.  Find yourself at the intersection of impeccable style and wearable art with one of our timeless jewelry pieces.

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JUNE 2015 - A lifelong Georgia resident, Lane Walker has always been surrounded by design.  Intrigued by residential architecture and mechanical design from early childhood.  Lane was later drawn, literally, to computer programing and graphics.  Although he had a few related courses in school, most of Lane’s interest and early design work, stemmed from self taught techniques - a method he still employs today with his current interests in photography and woodworking.

Formally educated in civil engineering, he worked in the architecture / engineering / construction field for seven years.  Lane served as a resident engineer and later focused on consulting, project management, and estimating.

In 2006 Lane earned full certification as a teacher.  He has taught middle and high school mathematics at various levels for seven plus years in both the public and private sectors.  He also started his own private tutoring business that same year.  While pursuing his craftsman calling, Lane continues to serve families by helping middle and high school students grasp mathematical concepts and develop problem solving skills.

Surrounded by design, carpentry, and woodworking from an early age, Lane benefited greatly from helping his dad on various projects including drafting, home additions, and furniture design / construction.  However, until recently, many of these design disciplines lay dormant as he sought to serve through teaching and tutoring.  Photography, sketching, and computer-aided graphics served as convenient outlets during this period.  Lane now adds woodworking and furniture design to tangibly propel his visions and concepts into reality.  

Happily married for 15+ years with three kids, the title of husband and father are his most cherished titles, second only to child of God.  Although humbly blessed to add designer, artist, and craftsman to this undeserved list, his ultimate expression of design and craftsmanship is evident in his most highly cherished medium, his family.