Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now Your Christmas Tree Has a Wishlist!

New for the 2015 Thanksgiving / Christmas Season!

We introduced these beautiful ornaments at the High Museum of Art's Holiday Market Event on the 27th & 28th of November.  These proved to be very popular throughout the event and we sold several during the month of December.  When we were invited to be the featured local artist of the day for the 23 Days of Gifts event for West Elm at Avalon we promptly produced a second batch to offer West Elm's customers a full selection of ornament styles.

The ornaments are coated with linseed oil and adorned with a variety of different bell and ribbon styles to complete the final product.  We have received great feedback from customers on the style, aesthetics, and overall product concept.  Every detail from the sound of the vintage bells to the bold crisp grain structure have proved to make our ornaments a top seller!

Some of the ornament styles lend themselves to be displayed year-round as an accent piece or embellishment to your home's style and decor scheme.  Let the wood grain speak for itself and be bold in your display of these beautifully crafted creations.

Vertical Style Ornament

Natural Flame Pattern in Box Elder

Natural Flame Pattern in Box Elder

Ornaments oriented vertically immediately present the pattern configuration and wood grain orientation.  The bold circular shape distinguishes it as a featured adornment to your tree.  At the same time, the ornaments blend with the tree's asthetics so as to not take away from the rest of your collection.

Horizontal Style Ornament

Horizontal configured ornaments blend well with other ornament styles and serve to accent your overall collection.  Yet, they are unique enough to serve as a statement ornament and can even define your collection for years to come.  Depending on wood species in the composition, certain layered patterned ornaments allow for the grain structure of the wood to alternate between a glossy / shimmering and matte / subtle appearance.