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2016 - New Year, New Products, New Opportunities!


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A look at our blog feed will surely show you that our last entry was in April!  Well, we have fortunately been busy with several events and appearances since that time.  This post in particular serves to give an update detailing those appearances and to showcase some of our new products.

Featured Artist - 23 Days of Gifts Local Artist Pop-Up - West Elm at Avalon, Alpharetta, GA. December 2015

In 2015 we participated in several events.  Check out our Past Events page for a full listing.  At our three most popular appearances, we were invited as a featured, local artist - twice at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta and most recently at the West Elm Store at Avalon in Alpharetta:

We are currently reviewing details on upcoming events, shows, and appearances to participate in during the first half of 2016.  Be sure to visit our Upcoming Events page for more details as we add events to our itenerary.  You can also check out selections of our products from the retailers listed on our Where to Buy page.

Now Your Christmas Tree Has a Wish List!

Our website now has a page featuring our newest product line, Christmas Tree Ornamnets. We introduced these at the High Museum of Art's Holidays at the High event in November and have proven to be very popular!  We sold several leading up to Christmas prompting us to produce a second batch for our appearance as the Featured Local Artist of the day at the West Elm Store at Avalon, Alpharetta during their 23 Days of Gifts event.

The collection is primarily defined by the individual ornament's hanging orientation - horizontal or vertical.  The ornaments are further defined by the quantity, type, and arrangement of wood species used to craft the overall design pattern.  Although some are constructed from a single type of wood, others feature alternating grain patterns, color variations, and pattern layout.  The ornaments are coated in a linseed oil finish and allowed to dry.  Finally, they are adorned with a varying selection of hand-picked decorative ribbons, bows, and vintage bell styles to present the final product.  Our ornaments are subtle enough to blend in to the natural aesthetics of your tree and Christmas decorating scheme.  However, they are also bold enough to further define your ornament collection and establish your holiday decor scheme for years to come.

Finally, depending on your taste, some of the ornaments are able to blend with your home decorating style well beyond the Christmas season and serve as just the right accent piece to any environment.

Be sure to visit our Christmas Ornaments page to learn more!

Sample Bracelet from our Segmented / Layered Collection

Sample Bracelet from our Segmented / Layered Collection

We are very fortunate to have T. Boutique carry a selection of our products at their Johns Creek store. Currently they have an assortment of our Jewelry Collection ranging from simply styled, one wood bracelets to multi-species layered / segmented compositions.  Be sure to checkout their Website, Facebook page, and Instagram feed or click on our Where to Buy page for more details.